Welcome to Gourmet Street Pizza


Here at Gourmet Street Pizza, we stick to traditional dough-making techniques by hand-kneading our dough on a daily basis using only Italian Fine '00' Grade Flour, Filtered Water, Sea-Salt, and Fresh Yeast. The dough is refrigerated and allowed to rise slowly over 24 hours.

Our Tomato Sauce is made from a carefully crafted blend of the finest Italian San Marzano Peeled and Chopped Tomatoes. The tomatoes need little embellishment, but we do add fresh basil leaves, sea salt, and some cracked peppercorns to give the sauce a perfect base for delicious pizza.

The pizzas are a traditional Neapolitan thin-crust pizza.

The pizza is baked in a wood-fired oven at temperatures of up to 500 Degrees Centrigrade. We use only the finest quality dried hard-wood to ensure consistent baking. The wood-burning technique has been in existence for thousands of years and gives a distinct char-burned taste to the pizza.

All of the ingredients are of the highest quality to ensure every pizza meets our high standard. The traditional wood-fired baking technique gives you an authentic pizza experience, which is both healthy and tasty.

Gourmet Street Pizza is available for private catering events.

Gourmet Street Pizza is the partner on an EU funded project: Streetfood: Opportunities for Entrepreneurship